PROTOTYPE “Proto-Shredders” Tab Pack


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1. ‘Prototype’ Digital Album Download 
– Mp3 and high quality Wav and FLAC formats available

2. ‘Prototype’ Digital Signed Booklet (PRE-ORDER ONLY)
– Personally signed scanned signature by Paul. Unique signature on every booklet. 

3. Bonus ‘Exocortices’ Proto Mix (PRE-ORDER ONLY)
– Newly mixed "Prototype" version of Paul's track 

4. 'Prototype' Complete Album Guitar Transcription
– Main lead and rhythm guitar parts transcribed by Paul in PDF format 

5. 'Prototype' Backing Tracks
– Full album of backing tracks minus lead guitar to jam with.

Note: For all digital downloads, you will receive an email with the direct download link on release date. Singles will be emailed to you as they are released.

"Prototype"  Tracklisting: 

1. Reprogram

2. Type-X

3. Posthuman Era

4. Omnidroid 3000

5. Target Acquired

6. Brave New World

7. Ghost In The Machine (Proto Mix)

8. Exocortices (Proto Mix)



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