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Special Upgrade pack for "Cyber Shredder Digital" to ULTIMATE "Cyber Shredder" Physical " Bundle

Please note: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED. This includes tracking information to be emailed upon shipping of the items.

What you get in the ULTIMATE "Cyber Shredder" Pre-order (9):

1. ‘Cybergenesis’ (CD album)
 Featuring 18 page poster booklet with original artwork by Fyodor Gusev. Personally signed by Paul Wardingham

2. ‘Cybergenesis’ (MP3 Album)
– high quality 320kbps digital download

3. “Studio Pass” Download Pack. Includes over 1hr 30mins of video content. Featuring:

“A Decade Of Cyber” (30+mins) Paul takes a look back over the past decade of solo album releases and tells the story about the making of each one, and the start of “future metal shred”

“The Making Of Cybergenesis” (Behind the Scenes. Including track by track breakdown of the album)

- “Cyber Sessions” (45mins) behind the scenes look at the original Logic sessions of tracks from “Assimilate Regenerate”, “The Human Affliction” & “Cybergenesis”.

4. ‘Cybergenesis’ T-shirt
– high quality mens soft tee

5. 'Cybergenesis' (single version) download link will be emailed to you upon release.

6. ‘Cybergenesis” (single) guitar tab, transcribed by Paul and with backing track minus lead guitar.  Download link will be emailed to you upon single release.

7. 'Cybergenesis'  “Cyber Shredders” Guitar Tab Pack. 5 x complete guitar tabs, transcribed by Paul and with backings tracks minus lead guitar parts. Including:

"Human Error Processor"

- "Jacked In"

"Into Oblivion"

"Sensory Overload"

- "Mindwarp"

 8.  PW Custom Guitar Pick – Black Dunlop Tortex pick with PW logo & signature 

9. “Cybergenesis” Legacy desktop wallpaper pack featuring unique cyberpunk artwork by Fyodor Gusev.  

Note: For all digital downloads, you will receive an email with the direct download link on release date (July 30 TBA). Except for singles which will be emailed to you as they are released.

"Cybergenesis"   16 Track album Tracklisting: TBA 

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