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Brand new album for my cyberpunk inspired retro-futuristic synth-metal solo project: Electromancer. "Drone City is part 1 of a trilogy.

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"The year is 2222.

After 5 years living in exile in the outlands of Mars City One, as a wanted cyborg, Electromancer receives a faint low-level transmission from Earth, from his allies in the resistance group: “X”.

Now presumed dead by his enemies, Electromancer, decides to risk returning to Earth and his home: Drone City.  But, 5 years is a long time, and Drone City is an even more dangerous and corrupt place than he knew before!

With authorities and the criminal underworld seemingly co-existing, Electromancer will not only have to evade law enforcement, Rogue Tracers and Robo-Scanners, but also the new leaders of the underworld. The vampiric cyborg cult: The Digital Dead!

Can Electromancer get back to the love of his life: Aurora, and rejoin the resistance to continue their fight against corruption in Drone City, or do his enemies lie in wait for his return, ready to exact their revenge!?

 "Drone City": Track Listing:

  1. Earth Re-Entry
  2. Drone City

  3. Corrupted
  4. More Than Machine
  5. The Digital Dead
  6. Cyber Runner

  7. After Hours

Running Time: 33 mins


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