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"CYBERPSYCHO" DOWNLOAD: A link to download "Cyberpsycho" (single version) will be emailed to you instantly upon purchase! 


"It’s chaos every night for an Enforcer in Drone City. The toughest job on Earth some say! Dealing with drug heads, malfunctioning androids, cyberpsychos, night killers, freeway fighters. It never ends!"

ELECTROMANCER expands his cyberpunk metal - synthwave crossover project with his 3rd album: "ENFORCER". Mixing thrash metal, shred guitar, 80s movie/anime soundtrack and cyberpunk synthwave influences to create a unique sonic assault.

 "ENFORCER": Track Listing:

  1. Enforcer
  2. Transcendence

  3. When Darkness Falls
  4. Cyberpsycho
  5. Night Killer
  6. Freeway Fighter

  7. Overlord (Enforcer Mix)

Running Time: Approx 32 mins

PLEASE NOTE: You will be emailed single versions of album tracks & guitar tabs/backings to download as they are released. The full Enforcer album download & Enforcer Guitar Tab Pack will be sent to you via email on release day (19th April).


1. Digital Album download (MP3/WAV formats)

2. "Enforcer " T-Shirt 

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