Paul Wardingham Guest Solo Spot - LIMITED AVAILABILITY


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Now taking bookings for 2024 

Please note:  guest solo spots are limited. If you know you have a release sometime in 2024, (even late 2024) please book ahead so you don’t miss out.

- Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for me to record the solo and get it back to you. 

- Solo sections must be no longer than 45 seconds in length.

- In the event that it is not possible for me to record you a solo, (eg. conflicting work schedules, not inspired by the track etc..), you will receive a full refund.

- Guest solo spot purchases are indefinite. (Or until a refund is required/requested)

- There are no refunds, once I have recorded the solo.

When you purchase a solo guest spot, I will contact you ASAP. Alternatively, you can message me on social media to discuss the project.




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