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1. The Human Affliction (MP3 Album)
– High quality 320kbps digital download


About The Album
The Human Affliction is the brand new instrumental cyber metal concept album from critically acclaimed guitarist and producer Paul Wardingham.

“The Human Affliction is a continuation of the themes that inspired Assimilate Regenerate: The future, technology and it’s affect on humanity. More than that, it’s a soundtrack to a dystopian future. Set in a high-tech low-life world, where humanity is blissfully unaware of the dangers of technological progress and the rise of artificial intelligence.....until it is too late.

The Human Affliction is my vision of a this cyberpunk inspired landscape and post apocalyptic digital age where the listener can escape reality, amongst cyber metal grooves, cold atmospheric synths, futuristic electronica, emotional melodies and of course.... hi-tech shred guitar solos!” – Paul Wardingham

The Human Affliction: Track Listing:
  1. Manufactured Existence
  2. Beyond Human

  3. Synthetic Mind
  4. The End Is The Beginning
  5. Convergence
  6. Digital Apocalypse

  7. Earth 2.0
  8. Simulated Reality
  9. Destroy The Artilect
10. Exodus
11. Burning Chrome

The Human Affliction features guest solos from Stéphan Forte on Digital Apocalypse & Per Nilsson on Burning Chrome


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